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super pops.

with the new year came a surge in my popularity. recently, i have to beat down invitations to hang out with people i haven't seen in FOREVERS because, really, there's only one of me to go around. and even then, i've lost a few pounds in the last few days (i'm awesome!) so there's actually EVEN LESS of me to go around. (don't worry, those pounds will be back on before you can say FUDGE COVERED OREO or whatever evil treat shows up in the kitchen today to tempt me back to fatpantsville)


last night aaron and i had dinner with our super high-powered & connected producer-slash-writer friend who we haven't seen, we calculated, in 1.5 years. ONE POINT FIVE YEARS is a really long time, it turns out. we barely were able to catch up on everything that has happened in that time, but yet, we did. it only took three point five HOURS and three bottles of wine and one sugar-free red bull and three glasses of water, but we DID IT.

so other writer-friends and just people in the business in general we haven't seen in FOREVERS are starting to emerge who have nothing better to do than catch up with old buddies they haven't seen because they've been SO GOD DAMN busy running hollywood. it's kind of cool? but it also makes me feel really weird about the state of the business. one one hand? LOVE seeing the people who are normally too busy for me. on the other hand? they write and act in some of the best shows on TV and I WANT MY TV BACK NOW.

so you see? my popularity has a direct correlation with bad TV. good news? I'm not missing anything while i'm out painting the town red. except for last night's LAST NEW gossip girl. but ill get to that later.

im going to be popular for at least a little while longer.



Stephanie said...

WAIT A SECOND. Did you say that last night was the LAST NEW Gossip Girl? As in, there are no more new episodes to be seen? Like, forever?

ruby said...

according to my sources, last one ... until who knows when. i have to imagine they will come back when the strike is OVER, but god damn, this thing could last FOREVER. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

the end.