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occassionally, it dawns on me that i might someday want to start actually acting my age. i should do things like, oh, let's say, buy a permanent residence.

now, this permanent residence doesn't have to be a house, persay. it could be a condo! that sounds lovely. or a townhouse! nice, but they don't really exist outside of midwestern suburban cul-de-sacs (do they??). i wish i could just own the our half of the duplex we currently take up residence in. i like it. we have all the luxuries of living in a 2,000 ft living space, but with none of the responsibilities of actually "owning" it. people come and take care of our landscaping. we can make our landlord do certain "things" when they are deemed OF AN EMERGENCY NATURE. and we don't have to, um, fix things. unless we WANT to. additionally, our landlord allows dog(s). and furthermore! he allows us to paint. so you see, the idea of actually paying 1000% more per month to actually own something and actually BE RESPONSIBLE for it, doesn't exactly have "appeal."

but i don't know. i'm at the age where i should start owning things. right? soon, i will own my sweet little audi a4. awesome, right? the proud owner of a 2001 vehicle that, by the time i actually own it, will almost be a whole decade old. with no resale value. sweet.

so yeah, i think i need to think a little bigger.

how much is the down payment on a $1.6 million home? because, that's ALL it would cost to own this whole entire duplex!! only $800,000 for half of it!!


have i ever mentioned how much i like renting? it's so awesome.


The Angry Georgian said...

Damn! I guess that's the cost of location, huh?

c-kat said...

Well, if U.S. housing prices go down 25% as predicted you'll be able to buy your half of your duplex for only 600K - YIKES. said...

Owning a home in CA is nice, but sometimes I wish I was still a renter because of the high property taxes here.

Trust me, it's no fun when things breakdown or when you have to deal with contractors.

The best thing about owning is you can make as much noise (in your house) as you want. All my neighbors are cool so I can blast music as loud as I want. I'm considerate, so I keep the windows closed and don't do it past 9pm.