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(my)* randy. [with edit]

congrats, my boy.

the game isn't over yet, but so far the following records have been broken:

  1. Tom Brady broke the season record for touchdown passes
  2. Randy Moss broke the season record for touchdown catches
  3. New England broke record for most points by a team in a season (previously set by (my) randy against (my) '98 Vikings)

no matter what the outcome of the game, this has still been a heart-warming-give-me-chills game so far.

and there's still 10 minutes in the 4th quarter to go!

as you were.

*(my) randy because i've loved and believed in him SINCE DAY 1. in case you didn't already know that. loves that boy!!


THEY DID IT. so effing cool. 16-0. AMAZING.

watch the pass that made me nearly pee my pants: here


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Clink said...

I was there! And even though I'm a Giants fan, I was happy for M that he got to see his boys pull it off.

And I was really happy that my boys held their own against the best team in the league.