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wild thing.

2007 is going to go down as the year that all the movies i saw made me cry.

you might say, Whatevs, ruby, you cry during episodes of BIG BROTHER, for god's sake, for the love of baby jesus, and on and on. and i would have to say HEY EFF YOU MUTHER EFFERS I DO NOT. but then i would maybe be lying. because i DID kind of have a tear in my eye when NICK got UNFAIRLY REMOVED from the house last season.

but i digress.

so um. i saw INTO THE WILD tonight. as much as everyone and their god damn brother told me to see this in the theater, alas! it did not so much work out timing-wise and such and so by the time we were all sufficiently wined-up to go to the laemmle on sunset, it was no longer showing.

luckily, it came in the mail in the form of a SAG screener a few weeks ago, because, you know, aaron's a SAG member and as such, gets screeners in the mail so he can VOTE FOR THE SAG AWARDS. yeah, he forgot to do that this year. BUT ANYWAY. where was i?

we watched the INTO THE WILD movie tonight. post-happy hour drinks, post-SUPER SPICY THAI food which made my eyes water and post-dry eyes. so, when i say that maybe i cried a lil bit during this movie, let's review the facts:

1. happy hour chardonnay ingestion typically leads to moist eyeballs. don't ask me WHY, just believe that it just does
2. spicy thai food that made. my. eyes. water.
3. um. my eyes were dry from staring at a stupid computer all day, so naturally, the "tears" everyone saw were ACTUALLY the result of me putting eye drops, um, in my eyes.

so that's my story. although i was DEEPLY AND PROFOUNDLY MOVED by this movie, i won't say i cried.

ok i cried.


i'm a captain pussass. guilty as charged.
what movie(s) made YOU cry recently? don't be shy...


hotpants said...

i've seen perfect stranger, mr. brooks and 27 dresses in the last week. no cry-worthy movies for me.

c-kat said...
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c-kat said...

It happens every time I watch little miss sunshine - the part where the dad says, "she's kickin ass." That line makes me bawl.

MD said...

I cried a bit during 300, he's such a hero!