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back to norm.

aaron's finally back from his trip to the frozen tundra (thank you, sweet baby jesus), so now i can resume normal eating, drinking and socializing activities. because, as i mentioned before, when aaron leaves town i totally go completely retarded.

at one point, i was describing the events of my aaron-less weekend to my brother-in-law and painted the following picture: i walk up to the cashier at whole foods with two items 1) a giant make-your-own salad and 2) a bottle of wine. the guy looked at me, looked at my items for purchase and said, "uh, well enjoy YOURself."

...on saturday, i woke up, went to the gym for two hours and then got a massage. the rest of the day i spent, basically in bed, watching "10 things i hate about you" and "the devil wears prada" and finishing all the scripts i was supposed to read for work, like, weeks ago.

...around 11p on saturday night in my wine-induced fog, i started texting people to meet me at the local pub. FORTUNATELY, everyone already had "real plans."

...on sunday, i broke into the "emergency" canned items stash because i was too, uh, lazy to go get "real food" from the store, and the "fresh items" were long-since depleted. the time aaron got home, i was having full-on conversations with cosette and getting irritated when she didnt agree with my point of view.

so yeah, it's good for him to get out once in awhile, but let's be honest, i really shouldn't be left alone to my own devices.

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