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effing fatuary.

despite the fact that january 2008 has now gone down in history as FATuary 2008, i find myself scouring the restaurant week listings and making reservations to some of LA's finest restaurants to sample some of the finest cuisines for bargain-basement prices.

additionally, i've made valentine's day reservations at one of our favorite restaurants in the neighborhood (yum sandwich). i occassionally check the menu when i want to torture myself with the reminder that i have to wait 3 WHOLE WEEKS until the pre-determined day of obligatory displays of romance and love to sample the hamachi with jalapeno citrus salsa.


to be honest, aaron and i have been together for enough valentine's days (15, if you don't include the year aaron kind of dumped me right before the Big Day) that it's hard to get excited about it EVERY year. i would say we get excited approximately every OTHER year. which works for us. this just so happens to be an "on" year. hellz yeah, mah b*tches.

anyway, on top of all the reservations i currently have filling my calendar, i also just got invited to a fancy Food & Wine event at spago to kick off oscar week.

ah. dang.

i'm really going to miss you, ms. skinny jeans. we hardly knew ye.


Anonymous said...

what is it that you do excatly

ruby said...

i work in the advertising business doing research for a big movie studio wherein i recommend how best to infiltrate the collective brains of america.

MD said...

Here's the answer to your research, T & A!!!

Also, you could always have your skinny jeans retrofitted with an elastic waist and velcro for the zipper!