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and now, sports talk with brett & ruby

brett: the men in blue have the last laugh rubs
brett: that shallacking seems like a long time ago right now doesnt it

ruby: hey now

brett: yeah thats right
brett: you heard me

ruby: well im still on the randy moss train, so im pretty much bullet proof right now

brett: ugh
brett: typical

ruby: but good luck with that eli character. if he's one thing, its consistent *cough*
ruby: mawahahahhahahah

brett: yeah well i hope randy moss accidentally touches a doorknob and has a mental breakdown

ruby: yeah well um

brett: i dont respond to eli anymore
brett: only to "the good manning"

ruby: i hope no one finds out that eli wears pink panties
ruby: Manties, if you will

brett: "the good manning" wears pink manties

ruby: hahahahaha
ruby: congrats though, for reals

brett: appreciate it

ruby: must be nice to root for a team that means something

brett: you cant hate us more than TO
brett: did you see him crying? looooove it

ruby: no i don't hate the giants at all
ruby: hahahahaha
ruby: i root for them when im not playing them actually
ruby: eli's the cuter one

brett: hahaha

ruby: hee
brett: they are both goofy lookin

ruby: true
ruby: i love peyton though, actually

brett: yeah me too

ruby: his SNL hosting gig was AWESOME

brett: i am disappointed not to see the pats/colts rematch

ruby: yeah me too
ruby: chargers? meh

brett: i like him pegging all the kids in the schoolyard football game

ruby: i would love to see favre take on brady though

brett: and swearing his head off

ruby: yep! that was awesome

brett: the pack looked pretty nasty

ruby: favre is like feral animal

brett: but the superbowl is warm
brett: the pats will be a well oiled machine

ruby: im glad my randy is there to make a complete dream team

brett: unreal
brett: i bet you were really cheering him in oakland too
brett: bleh

ruby: kind of

brett: liar

ruby: my love for randy didn't quite outweigh my disdain for the raiders

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Stephanie said...

Two words. GO PATRIOTS! Can't wait to kick ass again on Sunday!