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getting on in years.

don't let the previous post make you too jealous. the older i get, the faster, better and harder i can run, fo sho.

however! my brains seem to be turning into an alcohol + running -incuded MUSH.

  1. i leave my birth control pills out in a location that i will BE SURE i see them every single day so that i don't accidentally forget to take one and, GOD FORBID, get knocked up all over the place. as females (and maybe some males) know, you are supposed to take them at the same-ish time every day. because the instructions say so. anyway, every day for the last week, i come home from work and notice the obviously-placed pill container staring back at me and i have the same thought "OH MY GOD I FORGOT TO TAKE MY PILL THIS MORNING! OH SHIT!" and then i open it to take said missed pill and then realize that the pill for the day, is well, missing. WONDER OF ALL WONDERS, by god, i did remember to take the stupid pill. i kid you not when i say this has happened (so far) every day this week.
  2. the guy i like to call my subordinate, (because, well, he is) is WAY smarter than me. i think i've been convincing him for awhile that I'm actually SMARTER than HIM. but today i had to look up TWO WORDS that he used in conversation (while i nodded like i knew what the hell he was talking about). I HAD TO LOOK UP TWO WORDS. BECAUSE I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT THEY MEANT. it turns out? that i did know these words. but it was like they had been ERASED from my memory because, HEY MY BRAIN IS MUSH. thanks a lot RUNNING AND SWEET, SWEET WINE. thanks a LOT.

there's more examples, but i just realized have to get a few things out by "close of business" and that means, uh, 1 minute from now. and those things? not done yet.



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doro said...

I have to thank you though. I have started racing people on the treadmill now because of your blog. Great motivation.


And what's wrong with a (lot) little bit of wine now and again (and again and again and again).