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today i was GOING to have a terrayaki chicken breast for lunch. just that. one breast, 160 calories and then maybe, um, a fresca, 0 calories. i thought to myself "THAT will teach my pants to be tight! SUCK ON THAT, PANTS!" but then, my lovely subordinate (i should really come up with a better name for him, but hey, whatever) reminded me that there was a lunchtime presentation. interestingly enough, the presenters were bringing LUNCH for us to eat. (they are smart!)

so instead of (1) pants-defying terrayaki chicken breast containing 160 calories, i had this:

  1. (1/4) caprese invernale sandwich containing fresh mozzarella with sun-dried tomatoes, arugula and basil vinaigrette on toasted olive bread
  2. (1/2) smoked turkey sandwich with tomato mayo, avocado and iceberg lettuce on country wheat bread
  3. (a smattering of) cous cous with roasted butternut squash, dried cranberries, pistachios, scallions, and lemon vinaigrette
  4. (a snickens of) baby greens with balsamic vinaigrette and multigrain croutons
  5. (1) mrs. millers chewy coconut-raisin cookie

so anyway, my pants are now tight in the stomach region. so weird, right?

stupid pants.

stupid lunch place


this IM conversation went down shortly after this blog entry:

RUBY: blog alert

TENNA: I love how you alert me!

TENNA: on my way

RUBY: i know how you LIVE for those

TENNA: hahahaha

TENNA: its true

TENNA: oh f


TENNA: theres cupcakes in the kitchen

RUBY: i saw the email

RUBY: delete

TENNA: hahahaha

TENNA: its true

TENNA: HAHAHAS blog so funny!

RUBY: stupid pants.

TENNA: yeah!

TENNA: blame the pants!

RUBY: i hate pants!

TENNA: we should stop wearing them!

RUBY: we should have a pants burning session


TENNA: we so should! how much fun would THAT be!

RUBY: remember when people burned their bras or something?

RUBY: for holding their boobs down?

RUBY: same thing goes for pants. trying to keep my belly squashed.

TENNA: yeah! its all about the man trying to keep us DOWN!

RUBY: f*cking man.

RUBY: stupid pants.

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T said...

That sandwich looked freakin' good though...

But f that lunch. And f those cupcakes in the kitchen! And f this place where we work....why is there ALWAYS food?