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it found me!

yesterday, i opened my work email and found a picture sent to myself from, well, myself. when i opened the pic, i was shocked and scared to find the above image staring back at me. at first i thought the CLOVERFIELD monster had found me. because i didn't AT ALL remember sending it to myself. but after some sleuthy detective work (i looked at my sent mail from my phone) i realized i had maybe taken this while in my aforementioned wine-induced fog and then sent it to myself.

so! good news! it's actually just an extreme close-up of cosette.*

i know, right? PHEW.

*it might be a little scary that when i'm home alone, drinking, i take EXTREME CLOSE-UP PICS of my dog and send them to myself. or it might be ? 100% totally classy and awesome.... i am leaning towards the latter.

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Stephanie said...

When I could finally tell WHAT the picture was of, I realized that your dog is REALLY FREAKING CUTE.