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although i had a mostly LOVELY month of december, there were a few things that made me feel a little meh-y about life.


2. aaron got sick late xmas night, and, as a result we sat around watching A LOT of TV over the break. however, there was NO TV to watch, so basically, we watched 8,042 movies. (he's still sick, btw, poor thing)

anyway, the writer's strike has been the most AGGRAVATING thing, ever. it put my entire immediate family out of work indefinitely. and while i love having everyone around with LOADS of free time on their hands, i know everyone would be happier WORKING, already.

so anyway, the other problem with the strike is obviously, no new scripted shows. except for a few of weird random shows (hello, eli stone, what.the.hell?) and of course, my beloved LOST.

the rest is going be, well, reality hell.

last night actually made me feel a little less meh-y and a little more optimistic, however.

1. gossip girl was all-new and totally rotten

2. project runway was all-new and totally scrumptious

3. dave letterman was back! and totally beardy!

and now, tonight, i get to "look forward" to celebrity apprentice. (i can't tell if i'm being sarcastic or not?)

then, in a few weeks, i get LOST and SURVIVOR --- all within a week of each other. things are looking up on the TV front.

[don't even mention american idol. i'll be watching, but i won't be LIKING it.]

then, somewhere between now and may, aaron's CSI NY episode will air. and don't forget, THE SUPERBOWL. mama likey.

so i guess what i am trying to say is, i feel the residual MEH melting off my cold, dark heart and i feel a little hot, warm TV love seeping in.

but still, meh.


  • 11 — Cirie Fields, 37, Survivor: Panama
  • 12 — Jonathan Penner, 45, Survivor: Cook Islands
  • 13 — Amanda Kimmel, 23, Survivor: China
  • 14 — James Clement, 30, Survivor: China {YAY!!}
  • 15 — Ozzy Lusth, 26, Survivor: Cook Islands {YAY!!}
  • 16 — Yau-Man Chan, 55, Survivor: Fiji {YAY!!}
  • 17 — Eliza Orlins, 25, Survivor: Vanuatu
  • 18 — Jon Dalton (aka Johnny Fairplay), 33, Survivor: Pearl Islands {*pukes in mouth*}
  • 19 — Parvati Shallow, 25, Survivor: Cook Islands
  • 20 — Ami Cusack, 24, Survivor Pearl Islands


  • 1 — Michael Bortone, 34, a writer/actor from Los Angeles (orig. from Boston)
  • 2 — Tracy Hughes-Wolf, 43, a commercial builder from Frederick, Va.
  • 3 — Joel Anderson, 32, a firefighter from Avondale, Ariz.
  • 4 — Kathleen Sleckman, 45, a golf course vendor from Glen Ellyn, Ill.
  • 5 — Erik Reichenbach, 22, an ice cream scooper from Ypsilanti, Mich. (works in Hell, Mich.)
  • 6 — Mary Sartain, 29, a small business owner from Emeryville, Calif.
  • 7 — Chet Welch, 48, a beauty pageant coach from Ford City, Pa.
  • 8 — Natalie Bolton, 32, a personal trainer from West Hollywood, Calif (orig. from Houston
  • 9 — Jason Siska, 22, a student teacher from Fox River Grove, Ill.
  • 10 — Alexis Jones, 24, a motivational speaker from Beverly Hills (orig. from Austin, Tex.)



Still Born said...

you know love, if you weren't the one writing this stuff i would never, ever read it. and i mean that in the best possible way. said...

The writer's strike sucks! I loves me some reality TV, but some of the stuff that's going to air is plain foul. Celebrity Apprentice and OOOOOMMMM-AROSA! UGH! Why can't they get some good celebrities? Was it me or did the show seem like it was "reality" scripted?