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let it rain.

what i don't love about THE RAINSTORM OF THE YEAR

  1. our power was out for 19 hours

  2. my new boots got muddy

  3. cosette hates to do number two when her paws are wet (what? she's a princess!)

  4. people in LA are retarded enough drivers as it is, they don't need a wet excuse to be EVEN MORE RETARDED.

what i love so far about the RAINSTORM OF THE YEAR

  1. running through the grove, which was mostly empty, to catch a movie

  2. warming up with chardonnay at the farm

  3. seeing sweeney todd (very appropriate for a rainy night)

  4. hanging out on at the 2nd floor (near the piano man) at morels, eating oysters & drinking more chardonnay, while watching the rain POUR down the window panes (with aaron's bro & wife)

  5. until they kicked us out

  6. my friend's baby was born at 4am this morning at Cedar Sinai (hours before britney broke out!)

  7. happy rainy baby, emma

  8. doing yoga while the fluffy rain clouds rolled in (again) this morning

  9. getting a massage in a warm, candlelit room while the next round of rain loomed

  10. smelling the pre-rain smell as we enjoyed "fatty hour" at fat fish

  11. chilling on the smoking patio (sans cigarettes) at seven while the rain poured down just outside the roofed-in area

  12. the rain, pure and simple. makes the air cleaner, or at least it seems as such

  13. now, snuggling in with aaron & cosette

let it rain, let it rain

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