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ever since the first cloverfield teaser emerged, i've been kind of on the fence about whether or not a) it actually looked like it could be good and b) if i would actually pay to see it.

at some point during the day yesterday, i decided IF i was going to see it, i was going to HAVE to be one of the first, or else it just wouldn't happen. so i decided to see a midnight showing - i just needed to figure out who i was going to convince to go with me.
turns out? liana, tal, lorenzo & eddie were JUST AS EXCITED as i was to see it BEFORE ANYONE ELSE. so i bought the tix online and around 6p, i all skipped off to tenna's very fabulous birthday wherein i prepared my senses for the experience that lay before me.

i should mention that tenna's 3-hour long birthday dinner at PINK TACO was much fun and when i left, i was 3 raspberry mojitos and 1 vodka red bull happier than i had been before dinner began.

so when i say "preparing my senses" i mean: i highly recommend the 3-raspberry-mojito plan to anyone planning to go see the cloverfield this weekend. bien. muy.

i said goodbye to my co-workers and headed to the grove to meet with what i now like to call THE CLOVERFIELD CREW around 10:30p to wait in line to ensure that we wouldn't be sitting in the ass-front of the theater. the plan was for us to take turns hanging at the bar across the street from the theater while the others held our place in line, but turns out EVERYTHING SHUTS DOWN AT THE GROVE before 11p. so we all just had red bulls instead. WHEE! anyway, i definitely don't want to reveal ANYTHING about the movie. i will say these following things:

1. all five of us walked away very satisfied with our movie-going experience
2. i am EXTREMELY happy i saw it right away vs. waiting
3. if you go, sit as far away from the screen as humanly possible. if you get motion sickness easily or were "bothered" by the way blair witch was shot, might want to skip this one, Captain Pussass.
4. the running time of the film is 84 minutes - perfect for those of us with A.D.D.
5. DO NOT EXPECT ANYTHING! just go and have fun. the less you know, the better.
6. if you want to see what "the celebs" thought, read this

i can also tell you that my phone has been ringing of the hook this morning as word spreads that i saw it last night. people are SO CURIOUS. loves it.

yay, monsters.

3 comments: said...

I was on the fence about seeing it too. I saw the trailer at a screening of AVPR: Aliens vs Predator - Requiem (that movie made me so angry I wanted to beat people up it was so bad) but I'm going to see it now 'cuz of your review.

Stephanie said...

It's funny, I just read another blogger's post that she hated the movie. I'm on the fence, but maybe I'll give it a shot. Surely, it's a movie my boyfriend wants to see.

wearingthepants said...

Intereting...I'm sure I'll end up seeing it!