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ok, so, we're on day 3 of the solo project, and by my count, aaron will be home in 17 days. i was hoping it was going to "fly by" but so far it's kind of just been slithering slowly. work is busy, but haven't fully put myself back into yet. it's coming, i can feel it, but for now i'm still kind of just plod plod plodding along.

i started my 2010 self evaluation for werk and so far i have lots of sentences that start with:

"played an integral role in..."

"effectively transitioned..."



it's such a weird process to map a whole year's worth of activities and accomplishments. january was SO long ago. i can barely remember what i did three months ago, ya know? but it's also weird to toot your own horn. it's interesting, for sure, to ponder the value of myself and sort of, justify my role in the company. then! i get to do the same thing for my four direct reports. eeps.

i decided that instead of dragging my fattish ass to the gym yesterday that i would instead do some jillian shred something or other thing from my time warner on demand library. it was only 25 minutes which was enough to feel like i did SOMETHING but didn't really feel like a lot. however, today i am all sorts of sore, so you know. how about that. way to go jillian. today i haven't done anything but i think i'm going to eat some pumpkin spice kisses anyway.


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