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today we're celebrating our the 10th anniversary of our wedding day. it's been such an awesome day, for so many reasons, and i'm so very happy that aaron is actually here, right now, with me celebrating. he leaves tomorrow to start his film journey and i'm so excited for him. but today, i'm selfish and i'm glad i get to have him all to myself.

i woke up super early today to prepare for a big meeting. good thing, too, because i spent a good chunk of time posting pics on facebook and being nerdy about posting status updates about our anniversary. nerdy nerd nerd face. anyway, i got into work and cranked out the finishing touches on a presentation and then quickly tended to some housekeeping items and at 12:30p it was show time. and it went well. it was a weirdly exhausting and strange meeting, but the net effect was positive. and it was good.

then i was inspired to make a love song anniversary playlist and i proceeded to play it all day long and make myself extra nostalgic and sappy-faced and i was so emotional and just :sigh: feeling really relieved and really really good.

does this thing work?


it's strange how i get to FINALLY relax when aaron is about to get down to business. but i guess it's all kind of working out perfectly - he was here for me during all my recent meltdowns and was my rock, and now i get to do the same for him as he embarks on his own new adventure.

good stuff.

i got home EARLY for a change of pace (i even beat the darkness! lawdy, that was nice) and there were a dozen white roses waiting for me. i also got my very own pair of black christian louboutin heels and a stunning tiffany heart necklace. OMG. i'm normally not one for such showy material items, but i don't care. i felt great receiving some ridiculously awesome material items. : i die :


so then it was time for SUSHI IN OUR FACES and we just slithered out the door and over to the neighborhood sushi joint where they LOVE us and we LOVE them (holla, arashi!) and i stuffed my face with J's special roll (albacore and crab and jalapeno and YUM sauce), pete's japanese tostaditos (don't ask me to explain, but believe me when i say YUM IN THE FACE), the lemon roll (squee!) etc etc. and some sake that aaron had two baby sips of because he was LIVING IT UP ya'll! anyway, we rollled out of there with tons o' fish in our bellies and then it was time to reminisce, looking at pics and remembering significant moments and such and so on.


so relaxing, so lovely, and so happy-making.

i feel blessed.

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