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so much.

i'm so proud of so many people in my life.

jamie, for giving birth to a beautiful baby boy and enduring so much pain within that process/

heather, for giving birth to a beautiful baby girl and i don't know the fully story yet, but YOU DID IT, and i can't wait to meet her

aaron, for all of his recent accomplishments and for what's to come. i'm truly blessed with one of the most amazing human beings in the universe as my husband.

kadee, for her work on private practice tonight. i havent even seen the full episode yet, but i know that you did amazing work and i'm actually at a loss for words to describe the pride i feel in what you've done.

i, myself, i'm just so f*cking happy to be done with a project that nearly killed me, but didn't, so it made me stronger.

when my client, A, saw me today for the first time (we had only ever met via phone) she ran over and gave me a hug, and it was powerfully awesome.

today, i celebrate everyone, and all their accomplishments.. be proud of YOU today. you deserve it.

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Bird said...

Happy to see you back blogging. Kadee did a great job on the show that night. Amazing really.