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is it friday yet?

so. we are now on the business end of nablopomo and WHEW is it ever exhausting. but i love this month because it always forces me to be a bit more introspective and it encourages word vomit, and who doesn't love that.

i've started the initial process of formulating a new casting video for the next season of survivor. this edition will include items such as me jumping out of a plane and crossing the finish line of my most recent race, and i'm hoping to embark on some sort of snowy adventure in MN to add to the viewing experience. maybe catch a fish with my bare hands and / or wrestle a bear as well. stay tuned on that item.

i made it to the gym tonight! it was a victory over the onset of laziness that has been clouding me lately. luckily, i've been eating less since aaron's been out of town, so i've actually maintained pretty well. but let's be honest. running clears my brain and tones my calves. sitting on the couch eating dark chocolate kit kats and watching real housewives of bevery hills does NOT. ya heard?

TV Break: can we discuss how adorable gwyneth paltrow was on glee? so adorable. i also watched the season finale of the big C tonight and ! my eyes leaked! a whole lot! was not expecting that. i actually ended up liking the season even though it got a bit itchy in the middle. laura linney is the cutest.

two days until i get to see aaron

four days until vacation begins.

happy is an understatement.

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