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i'm obsessed. officially.

that last entry was boring. i'm going to write something different now.

i'm obsessed with lemons at the moment. i remember reading somewhere that if you want to squeeze into your dress for the fancy awards shows, you should investigate lemon water. i believe it's because lemon is a diuretic. oh here, here's exactly what i was thinking about: lemon water is the shizz. so i'm not trying to fit into a dress for the fancy awards shows. in fact, in bummer news, the hollywood red carpet premiere of the movie aaron did with The Rock was the 22nd and we were frozen in minneapolis so we did not attend. that would have been effing cool though, right? except aaron gets muscle envy around The Rock and with his current body situation it may not have been a good situation. would have been a good excuse to squeeze into a fancy dress, though.

now? just trying to squeeeeeeeeeze into my pants.

so. we missed that red carpet action, but went ahead and slithered into a 10p screening of the film at the mall of america on friday night and watched it by ourselves, in the back row. and it was cool. i always wish there was more aaron in everything i see. but i enjoyed faster, anyway. and i enjoyed seeing aaron on the big screen. even if it was only for a few minutes.

i'm freshly obsessing over this: if you like mashups, and i know you do, you will want to check that crazy action out.

also? i'm obsessed with this:

because, see, i'm fending for myself these days, and hey, i'm a bit lazy. but i still want something delicious & healthy to eat and i don't want to spend $8,000 on sushi every night. or damn near that. so this is a really really tasty solution.

MMMM i think i'm going to make myself another, even though i just had one three hours ago. I KNOW! INSANITY!

totally obsessing over wanting a kinect but upon realizing that i've BARELY touched my wii in about a year (haha!!), i really have to ponder if the investment in body-scanning-laser technology is really a wise use of my dolla dolla billz.


true story: i was super excited to see my seven-year old niece (below) play a wii game called "just dance" because i heard she was AWESOME at it. and i was excited to play it WITH her so i could show her a move or too. but, as it turns out, i was actually REALLY AWESOME at it and beat her twice, so we quit playing right as i was just really started to find my jam. because no one likes to get beat by THEIR AUNT in just dance. no, they don't.

so what i've learned is: although i can't sing or dance in real life, i am TOTALLY A RINGER when it comes to video games that allow me to dance or sing and wtf, man, why can't for real be a singer/dancer/etc? (the world can't handle that much awesome, is the answer.)

in other news, it is december post a photo a day challenge and what not and although i am a failure on all levels when it comes to such challenges, i'mma go ahead and try this out. here i am today! so happy to see you.

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