stuff about where I live and play, and maybe some stuff about where I work and play.


at present

1. blood shot eyes.

-maybe because i'm so cold in my hotel room that i'm wearing my wool coat and i'm allergic to wool.
-maybe because i only slept 4.5 hours last night
-maybe because i am STILL staring at my computer and it feels like deja vu.

2. chapped lips.
-maybe because i spent the whole day talking my face off to random strangers and familar faces
-maybe because i walked a mile each way to the conference center and it was colder than i expected and the wind was whipping my face

3. sore/achy feet

-see aforementioned standing around talking all day and then walking to and fro to hotel/conference center in high-heeled boots that i thought were my "comfy boots"
-i thought wrong

4. fat belly

-french fries at lunch
-french fries at dinner
-lack of workouts as of lately due to ridiculous residual annoying pains from my race (SO LONG AGO! WTF!)

5. strained brains

-too much thinking
-too much typing
-not enough rest

that's about it.

here's to hoping tomorrow night is off the chain with celebration excitements for being DONE and/or just some sweet, sexy, deep sleep.

and so on.

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