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new yorkin

i guess if i have to be up until 1-sumthin in the morning working it's better to be by my lonesome in a hotel room 25 stories above the world click click clacking away basking in soft glowing lights and an accidental glass of pinot noir (i ordered sauv blanc, but felt too defeated to call room service back and tell them) than to be hunched in the dark illuminated by just the glow of my computer while the sleep sounds of my favorite human and dogs fill the air.

i guess.

so technically, it's 9:54p LA time, so technically, i'm not late with this entry for day 2 of the challenge. but here in chilly manhattan, it's technically 12:54a and so therefore one could argue i've already failed.

but let's not argue that, ok?

normally, when i step out of my cab at my NY hotel destination, i'm super excited to be back in the city surrounded by the amazing energy of the people here. but today? i'm just exhausted, frustrated and anxious.

one project that i've been tirelessly working on for over two months officially ends next week when i co-present a client webinar with our client partner. the other project will also soon be done and then i don't know. more items keep filling the pipeline and more custom work demands my attention, so even if i think there is light at the end of the tunnel, it might just be a mirage. more darkness. and more zombie-ruby filled nights.

but in all of this! super exciting things.

heather had her baby today. i think, from what i've gathered from the facebooking, that she named her harper. she was too tired to talk when i called, as she had been up all night delivering the little princess. i can't wait to meet her. i'm so very excited.

and then! my sister-in-law was on the view today and i've heard amazing things about it. she has a crazy week based on an episode of her tv show that airs thursday night, and this is one of the many things she's done to promote it. i can't wait to see it... but i just need to wait a few. more. days.

this too, shall pass. they say.

i'm still hopeful.

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