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funky monkey

so last night was a bit of an adventure, but mostly because i'm getting old and it's starting to become pretty damn clear.

we started out our adventure at OB Bear, which is a pretty traditional korean establishment in k-town. we were meeting our chinese friend there, but she was late, so we were totally confused about what to order. also, not sure how the chinese lady was going to halp us navigate the korean menu, but i didn't question anything since i was along for the ride. we did know that this particular place received rave reviews for their spicy chicken wings, and that maybe there was some sort of kim chee pankcake we should investigate, but that was about it.

so when we got there, we were ushered upstairs to the non-smoking section (didn't realize there was a choice anywhere in LA, but OK) and we noticed quickly that we were the only non-korean persons in the joint. a man with a headset came over shortly after we sat down while we were staring at the korean-language menu. he handed us the "english menus" which, gotta admit, was a relief. then asked what we'd like to drink and i, of course, asked if they had, um wine? and he was like.. yes, but not like cabarnet sauvignon or MERLOT or anything. well OK good, because i was actually in the mood for SAUV BLANC, mister. but no, not that either. so i settled on some sort of lemon soju something or other that just basically tasted like warm lemonade.

we started investigating the menu and while "pork feets" and "squid on a rock" sounded interesting, we settled on the spicy wings and the leek pancake. which actually, was SUPER yum. however, the spicy wings were WAY too spicy for me, so i sorted of just nibbled on teeny bits of it while my face started on fire.

EVENTUALLY our chinese friend arrived and was NO help at all, but decided to add a sweet and sour beef ? item? to the table. so that came out and it looked really weird, but again tasted really good, so that was that.

i was really glad, in hindsight, that i had made liana and tal come to happy hour with me and that i had indugled in the curry mussels and tuna tartare appetizer so i at least had something in my belly.

ANYWAY. soon we were off to the brass monkey and i haven't been in YEARS and mostly all of my experiences there were supreme drunken nights out when my friends and i had the endurance to stay up until 5a drinking vodka and doing gymnastics. last night was not that kind of night. i noticed immediately that everyone in the karaoke joint was probably already halfway to pass-out-ville and i most defintely was not. i sort of felt warm from my lemonade concoction, but it was barely even what one might consider to be a mild buzz. so had i been buzzed? maybe the drunktards wouldn't have been so obnoxious? but i wasn't and they were.

it was actually pretty entertaining in its own way, and it was fun to see the group who was there to celebrate a friend's birthday, but liana and i only toughed it out for two hours and when the clock struck midnight it was basically lights out tokyo.

better than staying home missing aaron, but i'm not sure if it was my most favorite adventure of all time.

today i slept off the few vanilla vodka sodas i had at the monkey, i hit the gym and did five miles, then i cleaned, worked and watched all my favorite sunday shows: dexter, walking dead and amazin race. and now? i'm ready to hit the business and get this week started.

the sooner this week ends, the faster relaxation comes.

less than 6 days until i can find a bit of RnR.

yeahhhh man.

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