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oh hello! today is an extremely important day because it represents the 58th anniversary of the day my MOMMA was borned! and had she not been born, i would not have been born and then you would not be reading this (maybe you are sticking chopsticks in your eyes while reading because i'm boring the everliving shizz out of you, but whatevs)

what was i saying?

oh! happy birthday MOM!! i was talking to her on the phone tonight and i asked her if she had figured out what she was going to do for the big 6-0 since now it's precisely two years away. and no, she hadn't. but she's reconsidering getting the tattoo she was going to get at age 5-0 that she never did (chicken! bawk!) and i think maybe two years from today would be the time. or else, i said, you should jump out of a plane, like i did for the big 3-4. maybe, maybe not. but then my final suggestion was a CARNIVAL CRUISE. she choked on the end of her 3rd glass of wine when i said that. i'm hilarious.

anyway. i'm going to be in MN in 5 days and then we will celebrate her birfday in person. v. excited.

in other news. my sister is getting divorced and moving to australia to be with a guy she met on the internets. she just went to visit / meet him for the first time and was in australia for two weeks and then she came back and dropped the info just like that. i loved it there and i'm moving. kthxbai.

good for her, though. because she NEEDS to be selfish because she's been in a relationship that was unhealthy for her and it's time for her to carpe diem all over the place. may as well up and move all the way from BFE, MN to melbourne, AUSTRALIA, right? it's so crazy, but then, it's so awesome :i die:

i don't talk about my family much in here do i? they are a crazy bunch of rapscallions. i love them. but let's review, shall we? i am the 2nd oldest of five kidlings. here is the order:

rachel (of the moving to australia flavor), born 1974

ruth (that IS my real name, but i shortened it to ruby) born 1976

renee (she's the one with the fraternal twins, single mama) born 1978

ranon (my little broham that just came out to LA to run the half marathon with me) born 1980

ryan (the youngest, marches to the beat of another drummer) born 1982

there's actually more to everyone, but maybe another time, another place.

in other news.... i booked a post-xmas mini-getaway for aaron and i in santa barbara and we'll be staying in a two-story loft thing in solvang in a room with a fireplace and we will be conveniently located to many wineries and aaron will be able to eat AND drink and i can barely stand it, i'm so excited.

i have to say, as far as mondays go, it was a good day.

vacation commences in less than five days.


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