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walking dead

i suppose it's fitting that, as i write this, i'm watching the walking dead and i'm verging on the end of a project that has made me feel, at times, like a zombie.

this project reaches a fitting climax in just a couple days, on stage in new york. i'm pretty much packed and ready to go for my morning flight tomorrow. i just need to figure out how the hell i'm going to fit a winter jacket in my overstuffed carry-on suitcase. i'm an interesting mix of anxious and indifferent, excited and annoyed. more excited and anxious than the other two, but it's a strange mix.

for the fourth time in about in two weeks, i stuffed my facehole with raw fishstuffs from arashi. it's probably safe to say that i have a bit of an addiction problem with that place. my favorite roll at the present time is something they call the downtown roll. and how fitting is it that my most favorite downtown sushi place which is a stumble away from the back door of my downtown living box has a roll called the downtown roll and it's THE MOST DELICIOUS? i'd say it's: pretty fitting.

in other news, i am also cramming for the Big Vote tomorrow wherein we have to pick the lesser of a bunch of evils. we also have to decipher crytpic propositionings and try not to get tricked into voting "the wrong way." it's all simply too much for my little peabrain to handle right now. but like a good little zombie, i'm going to eat some brains (sauvignon blanc) and power through.

there is a light. it's coming. it will be documented here because i am attempting, once again, to write every single day in november. i think i probably lost all five (six?) of my readers by simply being a waste of cyberspace. but if you're still out there, stick around for a few won't you? it might just get interesting.

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