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today was just one big sighhhhhhh. i dropped my darling husbie off at the flyaway bus this morning at 8:30a and i thought i'd be sad, but really, i'm just so super excited for him and i can't wait for him to have this experience. he's been working so hard on his physical person and now he gets to flex his acting muscles in such a profound way... it's just super awesome for him.

i mean, i have a sad face, but it's powered by an excited soul. you know.

i worked from home today and wasn't as productive as i would have liked, so i'm sort of still working. but i have a lovely glass of sauv blanc by my side and my furry babies are flanking me and keeping me warm - even though it's warm outside, for some reason the cave is pretty chilly, so i need some furry warmth flanking me.

it's Mu's birthday! he's 3! which means he's 21! so he got to have BEER! but not just beer.. GOOD BEER. video evidence is attached. please watch both and waste just over 2 minutes of your life.

ahh. i'm exhausted. i knew i would sort of completely turn into a pile of mush on this day once all my projects were done and once aaron was gone.. but wow. i'm like, ultra bushed. i was chilling on the couch earlier click clicking away on a werk project when suddenly it was lights out, tokyo and i was like WTF did i just fall asleep? man alive. i wouldn't be surprised if i was completely passed the nuts out by 9p tonight. it would be a world record, but it wouldn't surprise me.

gosh, i'm relaxed.

wow, this feels weird.

oh! just found out that a trip to miami is on the books for january. additionally i'm planning a mini-getaway for aaron and i once he's all done with his movie, so there are many many many things to look forward to.

and right now? i'm going to be fully present in this moment that feels so foreign to me but so freaking amazing.

and, scene.


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