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static noise

excitement cackles in every action i take as the countdown clock ticks down. checking things off the checklist, click click click. things that seemed so tedious just a week ago are now a breeze and my brain is already less cloudy, and the cobwebs have started to dissipate.

it probably seems so benign, a trip to minneapolis for the holidays when EVERYONE is about to go on holiday. it's not like my situation is unique. but guys, i don't know how to express to you how incredibly draining and exhausting my life has been (albeit super rewarding, now, in hindsight) and i just have been SO homesick for so long. it's been over a year since i've been home, and it was only for a couple days as i passed through to kentucky for a big work meeting. i need and crave the grounding that minneapolis people give me, and right now i need it more than ever.

(normally, aaron and i try to get home twice a year. it's been nearly 18 months since he's been there, so he's even more homesick.)

anyway. i'm chugging through my day, actually tending to overgrown inboxes and grooming and purging unnecessary files so my computer doesn't choke on the clogged pipeline that has been slowing it down to a near dead halt in some cases. i've been in email jail so many times i feel like i live there. and my computer keeps sending me warning messages about deleting / backing up files even though i've recently had additional RAM installed.

it's as if to say LADY STOP. smell the roses! get off of me! i'm a computer, not your damn slave monkey! you have a LIFE to live. so do it.

plans are falling nicely into place for our trip. saturday is a celebration dinner with my parents - our anniversary/my mom's birthday. i've been researching all the good sushi restaurants in town so aaron can actually enjoy some evenings out. so far: origami, moto-i, chino latino. yum. we've also got the vikings/packers game on sunday, and even though the season's a bust, it will still be fun to take in the excitement the big rivalary on our home turf. i've got happy hour plans with my favorite ladies, and yoga/aveda shopping plans with another of my good friends. my mom scheduled massages for us, and we'll be spending turkey day with a whole slew of rapscallions. we'll also see various friends interspersed throughout the week, and reconnect with both sides of the family. i'll get to spend time with all four of my nieces, as well.


so i have a spring in my step as i go about the normal day to day .. just your average holiday vacation for some, but so so much more than that to me.

tonight, i believe i am going to enjoy happy hour with my mother-in-law, and tomorrow aaron returns from new mexico so he can unpack and repack for minnesota.

and so we go.

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