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vacation, all i ever wanted

so it's been pretty awesome so far. except! my mom broke her hand yesterday and then a bus crashed into her car while it was parked at the hotel valet (separate, unrelated freak incidents) and then! we went to the vikings/packers game today and they LOST IN AN EPIC FAIL fashion.

but other than that, so in love with minneapolis and my favorite peoples and aaron's been awesome even though he's sustatining himself on sashimi and sugar free red bull. i might not want to go back, mostly because i might not be able to because i'll be FROZEN solid and last i checked, they don't allow ice blocks to occupy seats on delta.

and back to vacation i go.

oh and we haven't had internets in our hotel because my stupid f*cking air card hasn't been working (eff you, at&t air card) and i FINALLY broke down and paid the W $12.95 so i could feed my internet addiction, but i also paid the W $60 for two egg white omelets, so you know, maybe i should just give the W my first born child as well.

i love you, the W. you're lucky i do.

:epic sigh:

:W oxygen shot followed by a W overpriced glass of wine:

and, scene.

me and my momma @ origami

my sister-in-law and i at the vikings game

aaron, josh and pat at the game.


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