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i missed a day! fuqua.

oh well. guess i was a just too busy hanging with my man, who got back in town yesterday. whoop! he's a bit skinnier then when we parted ways, and his energy is a bit frenetic, but he's adorable as ever and GUESS WHAT? on vacation starting tonight at 6p. DOUBLE WHOOP!

did you EVER think it would get here? holy balls in pants.

yesterday was fabulous in many ways! in addition to getting aaron back for a week, i headed over to santa monica to do a joint presentation with my (new favorite) client of the research study thingie that owned my life since august and it was actually quite energizing talking about it and answering questions and blahblahblah. i was thinking, hey ! i did this thing, it's causing BUZZ in the INDUSTRY and i get to be the EXPERT on it. i'm so ego-fluffed right now its ridix. RIDIX i say. but i am lapping it up because mmm it's delicious to be done and to be able to say THAT WAS A SUCCESS.

in other news, the other project i was killing myself over looks like it's also done, and my boss forwarded the final deliverable to another team the other day and said "ruby put together this beautiful document, we should recommend doing a similar analysis for Big Important Client X as well" and the recieving party was all over it. "this IS a beatiful presentation, ruby!" commence ego fluffery.

so life is freaking fantastic and i'm exploding with excitement and anticipation and best of all... i get to turn my MONKEY BRAINS off for a week, party people. A WHOLE WEEK OF NO BRAINS.

:i die:

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