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it's been a fantabulous day.. so far. woke up at 8ish? after passing the nuts out pretty early last night, as predicted. i leisurely hung out with the dogs for a few hours, cleaned the house a bit, did laundry etc etc. and then hit the gym for some cardio action for about an hour. then i sped over to beverly hills to get my hairs cut and i feel a thousand pounds lighter now. my hair was out.of.control. then i decided to ping liana and tal and see if they would be down for some happy hour shenanigans, and they were down. f yeah. so i had a beverage and some mussels and some tuna tartare and now i'm here!

in about 1 hour and 40 minutes, they will pick me up, we'll head to some korean food establishment in k-town and then we will hit the brass monkey and it will probably be 100% magical. i haven't done karaoke at the brass monkey in a million years. i wonder if i will even remember how to do it. we shall see.

anyway. i miss aaron, but it's only a few days until he comes home so we can head to MN, so i'm going to make the most of my alone time and clean and drink and work and sleep. and then.

hope everyone is having a great weekend.


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