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i'm going to try a new approach and NOT wait until i am in full zombie mode to write my entry o' the day and see that works out for all of us.

eff. damn. shite. it's 5:15p and it's pitch black outside. i had this vision/idea that i was going to quickly run over to the book store and grab an anniversary card for aaron since our 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY is not tomorrow, but the next day. i need to really think about what i'm going to write in that card. this requires some time. but it's pitch black out and i'm a wuss a) because now it's cold out and b) hollywood is scary at night

10 YEARS YOU GUYS! can you stand it? i really wish i would have been writing in this here thingie 10 years ago so i would have had some electronic versioning of our happy happy day, but alas, no. but gosh. it's such a nice fat milestone, isn't it? next year, we will celebrate 11 years on 11-11-11 and i keep telling people it's going to be EPIC! !! and i think it will be. but i don't want to poo-poo celebrating 10 years on 11-11-10, because it is also quasi-epic in its own way. only, aaron can't eat or drink right now, so you know, it can only be SO EPIC without foods and drinks to indulge in. and such. but still. TEN YEARS. i don't think i'm old enough to have been married that long.

also of note this week:

1. two year anniversary at my current job = tomorrow

2. camus' third birthday (he is legal drinking age in dog years) = friday

3. aaron OFFICIALLY AND REALLY leaves for new mexico = friday (SAD FACE, DENIAL)

big week, right? yeah, i'll say.

ok so. aaron went to the doctor today and got "checked out" and even though the doctor said he is "skinny" and he could "feel all of his organs and they feel fine" there wasn't major concern over the fact that he's dropped from over 190lbs to less than 160. NBD. even though his bones are protruding and his jeans are falling off of his person, he's actually pretty darn healthy. well, good, then. relieved about that. i can't believe he's actually leaving in a few days. it's blowing my mind. but the weird thing is that he will fly back on the 18th, then we will zoom over to MN from the 20th-28th, and then he will leave me again for most of december. ahhhhhh. craziness.

guys! in 11 days i will be ON VACATION/HOLIDAY/WHATHAVEYOU. Zomg.

oh! also! i've become supremely good at kicking Sick's ass. the latest accomplishment was a cold sore that POPPED up friday after my ever-so-stressful week in NYC and today, it's almost completely gone. also? it never got big enough for anyone to really notice and that was a HUGE success story. f*cking cold sores. just NOT what i need at this moment in time, but whatever, i kicked it's ass.


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