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zodiac attack

aaron & i saw "zodiac" last night at the grove. i don't want to say we went to there because it was where gerard butler was recently seen sneaking in to see "300," but...anyway.

after seeing a few movies on opening weekend in crowded overstuffed theaters, it was quite refreshing to go see a movie on a monday night on a particularly slow night at the grove, which is normally too much touristy fluff for me to handle.

as an extra extra bonus we randomly ran into lorenzo and joe, who were also going to the movie, and aaron ran into a friend from his studio. even though it was relatively slow, it looks like all the Really Cool People were out in full force. as it should be.

so. the movie is FREAKING LONG. really. it is. i actually liked it a lot more than i expected to (ive heard mixed reviews), but honestly, there were a few moments where i was tempted to "rest my eyes a little" and i almost fell asleep. um, twice.

in my defense, i was all hopped up on allergy meds and i ate too much popcorn, so you know, not my fault.

(i also fell asleep during "the secret," "an inconvenient truth" and "rize," all of which i found to be fabulous movies. from what i saw and remember, that is. )

i liked it. even though i knew what was going to happen in the end, i was still intrigued and interested for at least 95% of the film. plus? i love, love, love the cast. robert downey jr. was hilariously heart breakingly good, ruffalo did his ruffalo thing (which i love) and even jakey had a nice arc and did a decent job. i also liked the way twisted humor was incorporated. there were some awkward laugh out loud moments, courtesy of aaron, who always finds humor in weird places, but i had to agree with most of his LOLs. it's important to note that this movie is primarily about the investigation and is mostly from the perspective of an author, so don't go into it expecting an edge of your seat thriller. i liken it more to a mystery/suspense where you're along for a long, bumpy ride through a very tricky investigation. and there's a little blood splattered here and there for flavor. i'm also a huge fincher fan (se7en, fight club) so there's also that.

so anyway, i give it 3.5 stars out of 5.

see it. or not.

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rockinraquel said...

i saw this movie as well. the first time we tried to see it, the projector broke (and apparently the projector dude had to go home to get the tools to fix it--gotta love North Branch!) anyway i liked it as well. it was suspenseful and long but i give it a 4 out of 5 stars :)