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300 pantless men.

i just saw the 300 movie. on opening weekend. with a theater full of crazy people. i only have these thoughts at the moment.

1. needs more blood. not gory enough.
2. my high school mascot was the spartan and we wore crimson. interestingly enough, i also had an aversion to pants and a long wiry beard........coincidence?
3. it's always important to color coordinate your candy choices with the movie you're watching. as such, we ate hot tamales (crimson) and junior mints (midnight black). i know? pretty awesome.
4. the guy who plays xerxes is THE LAME "NEW" CASTWAY from Lost. amazing.
5. spartans = the hottness
6. more blood!!!! NEEDS MORE BLOOD!!!!
7. even though my clock says 12:20a, it's actually 2:20a.

the end.


The Angry Georgian said...

#1 and #6. Are you being fececious?
I want to go see this movie so bad.

s.knight said...

yea it wasn't THAT gory...even so, it was a freakin' awesome movie and even better than i thought it was gonna be...

i definately wanna rear my children spartan style one day...

"This is madness!
Madness? This is SPARTA!"

Anonymous said...

I think it would have been awesome if Will Ferrell had played King Leonidas.

~Robot Monkey Pirate

ruby said...