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the suck continues. or does it?

** survivor recap **

bad news, my friends. papa smurf cannot recover from what looks like a super severe case of the spins, and it's bon voyage for him. everyone seems to feel pretty bad, except lisi who views him as a giant baby that she doesn't want to have to babysit. aw, isn't she (and her hot red mullet) sweet? i'm a little confused as to what she brings to this super solid alliance of five on moto, because as far as i can tell, she's a whiny, jealous heartless mulletface. but that's just me. oh, and she sucks at the challenges too. but hey, maybe she's good at massages. nope, nope not that either. *scratches head*

ok, so ravu cannot pull its collectives head(s) out of its ass(es) enough to win a challenge. rocky goes on a slight rampage after the reward challenge which would have actually been really funny if i didn't think he was being serious about knowing, like, 40 homeless people that weigh 40 pounds more than him. or something like that. he also makes anthony cry, which, i have to admit, was pretty funny. in other news, mookie is totally hungry.

so instead of moping around, rocky decides to lighten the mood a bit by gettin' nekkid (AWKWARD) and then, after gentle coersion from the tribe, decides to get dressed in a bikini top compelete with coconut boobs. and he actually looks pretty hot. and then, shows up at the immunity challenge in drag. maybe rocky isn't the smartest survivor ever, but he sure knows how party. (that's what she said)

so anyway, it looked really promising for a moment for ravu during the immunity challenge, but then i guess i'm going to blame anthony's inability to do anything right for the ultimate loss. HOWEVER... a crazy twist in the game forces moto to decide between their camp o' luxury and immunity and camp o' luxury *gasp* WINS. this, just after alex was complaining about how gary leaving makes the number(s) game almost equal. i'm not sure i disagree with the idea of not giving up the luxury, but i'm not going to say this was a "smart" move. especially because they end up voting out one of their stronger tribe members (WHO ALSO HAPPENS TO BE GOOD AT MASSAGES AND FLIRTING) and keep one of their more worthless, albeit sweet, ones.

so even though ravu loses, they still kinda win. hey, that's neat. oh yeah, and up next, watch out for slippery little yau man to find the idol.... just sayin.

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