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fun with fonix.

my former boss is a pretty conservative, reserved and quiet fellow from upstate new york. so, imagine my shock when i overheard him talking one day about cookie puss and fudgie the whale. well, it was shocking because i have a gutter-brain. anyway, i was like NEAL! what are you referring to?! and ... then.... that's when i learned about carvel ice cream cakes.


flash forward to today when i was perusing copyranter and came across a little story about COOKIE O'PUSS, a special version of cookie puss just for st. pattie's day.

even better, there was a link to an old school commercial (link) and even better, there was a little ditty about how cookie puss was so inspiring, the beastie boys wrote a song about it (link)

i'm not sure why, but i LOVE it.

oh, wait, i know why! it's because i'm five years old. i forgot.

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