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don't forget to SPRING AHEAD

it's my LEAST favorite time of year. the old SPRING AHEAD situation when i lose an hour of precious, sweet sleep. only this year, it comes almost a month earlier than usual i think? and instead of one hour, we are supposed to set our clocks ahead TWO hours. i know? isn't that insane? TWO HOURS.

ok, so i'm lying about the TWO HOUR thing. i'm just trying to show you that you can't believe everything you read on the internets. because if you did believe everything, the fact that i'm an internationally famous supermodel would just be common knowledge.

case in point:

ruby: hey did you know that we are supposed to set our clocks ahead TWO hours?
liana: bastard
liana: i just asked that out loud and now everyone thinks I'm a loser
ruby: duped ya

ruby: i am laughing so out loud
liana: hahahahaha
liana: jerko
liana: you should have seen their faces
ruby: so great

so there you have it. set your clocks ahead two hours and tell all your friends you know an internationally famous supermodel.

cheers, b*itches.

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