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Wedding Bells PREMIERE - tonight!

check out the premiere of the wedding bells tonight on Fox following american idol.
here are the reasons why you should:

1. because i said so

2. because my sister-in-law is in it and she's 100% awesome

3. because sarah jones is in it and she's freaking adorable

4. because i said so

5. because i said so.

just do it.


rockinraquel said...

i caught the last 20 mins (forgot to tivo it, d'oh!) and i liked far so good

MNBird said...

I watched that last night. It was alright... I will watch it again and see how it goes. said...

Wow! Your sister-in-law is in it? Coolness. I think FOX is repeating it so I'll watch it because you said so. ;)

Liana said...

I watched it - I think its got great potential! Can't wait for the next episode!

mnbird said...

I was wondering, is your hubby or brother in law going to be an extra or have any small part at all on the show?