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spring break me.

so i saw this article: spring break is so hott which lists the top spring break destinations for uh, i'm guessing, college students and such. in case you are wondering, CANCUN is the #1 destination this year. all this talk of spring break got me reminiscing a little, so i thought i'd do a little trip down spring break lane.

*cue flashback music & graphics here*

  1. my first spring break trip was to DAYTONA BEACH, FL my senior year of high school. about half of my friends were joining me in DB, while the rest were heading super south to mexico. the DB crew all kinda knew that the kids going to mexico (cancun, i think) were cooler in some weird way, but definitely didn't want to admit it. so it became this war of "WHO IS GOING TO THE COOLER SPRING BREAK DESTINATION?" and the battle waged on and off before the actual trips commenced. the true indication of which destination was best would be revealed upon returning and assessing who had the better tans, mexican braids or 3rd degree face burns. if 3rd degree face burns was the correct gauge of coolest destination, i think our team won. if it was better tans and/or mexican hair braids, well then we lost. we definitely lost.
  2. my freshman year of college was MAZATLAN, MEXICO with my friend heather. to be rebellious, i think, we took an alternate spring break and took a completely different week off than anyone else. i can't exactly remember why. so, when we arrived in mazatlan it didn't take long for us to realize that it was a ratio of 9:1 mexicans to americans. turns out? we selected the week of MEXICAN spring break. which was weirdly cool because i got to flex my spanish-speaking muscles. actually, i learned that three years of high school spanish = nada. we would hang out in our hotel room during nap time and watch beavis and butthead with subtitles, and then go out at night and ask people “donde esta la rana con huevos grandes” which translates to “where is the frog with big balls?” party hit! thanks beavis! thanks butthead!!
  3. next up was SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, TX my junior year of college. it was me, aaron, my friend angie and four other guys all stuffed into a shack on wheels (aka RV). we drove from minneapolis all the way down to the southern most point of texas and, somehow, lived to tell about it. by far, this was the craziest destination of them all. however, what happens in south padre stays in south padre. ‘nuff said. ps. if you ever want to “pretend” that your guy friends aren’t sex-crazed animals, i would recommend NOT going on spring break trips with them.
  4. my final true spring break destination was actually SAN DIEGO, CA my senior year of college. aaron’s brother had moved to LA some years before, and was stationed in SD whilst working on a project. so we visited him there, in La Jolla. it was lovely and refined and sophisticated. much like me, and fine wine. it was pretty much during this trip aaron decided he was going to quit college and move to california to become an actor. so i guess in retrospect, this was a pretty monumental spring break trip. who woulda thunk it?!

i guess that concludes the ruby spring break extravaganza.

to sum it up: if you happen to be a college kid looking for a hot place to go, my advice is to definitely, defintely NOT ask me.

ps. i also have been to south beach miami for the 4th of July, vegas for labor day weekend and new orleans during mardi gras, which all FELT like spring break, but technically weren’t. thusforth, i’ll save those stories for a rainy day.

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rockinraquel said...

i love it when you tell stories. did i ever tell you about my spring break trip to orlando? two girlfriends and i took the GREYHOUND bus down there. don't EVER do that. EVER.