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just prior to the lunar eclipse (march 3) i was listening to the kevin & bean morning show on kroq. their guest was an astrologist called susan miller, and she described monumental events that would occur in people’s lives as a result of the earth eclipsing the moon. this would be ESPECIALLY true for pisces (me) born around the eclipse (DOB: march 5). intrigued, i logged onto her web site and dug a little deeper to find out that there would also be a SOLAR eclipse on march 18th, which would have the following effect on me:

“you'll be more experimental now, and possibly feel quite rebellious. society wants to keep you in a box, but you long to break free - and you will! It's time to let your own song out, dear Pisces”

i sort of brushed this all off until today, as i was hitting SUBMIT on my order for a new phone. and then i realized that i was already starting to rebel. because this is not just ANY phone, my friends. oh, no. IT’S "FIRE" RED! AND IT’S CALLED THE MOTOKRZR! SO KRZY!!! SO REBELLIOUS! I’M BREAKING OUT OF MY BOX, WORLD!!!!!! SOLAR ECLIPSE ME BABY!!!!!!

yeah, that's pretty much all i got.

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