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**24 recap**

so i was all excited, obviously, for the appearance of the ricker on last night’s episode. just goes to show you that the best kind of expectations are low ones, because then you don’t set yourself up for disappointment.

so his performance? was ok. kind of like, ehhh.
i am interested in finding out what kind of shenanigans went down between mike doyle & milo ... but i’m hoping the ricker chills out a bit and maybe gets a little tan or something. looking a little pale.

what i really liked about last night was the return of martha and... AARON. dun dun dun. i guess it’s not too surprising that they are shacking up, i mean, last season the chemistry between them was pretty intense. but it was still weird to see them “together.” and also? super awkward when martha asks logan how it feels to see them as such. um, bad? oh and aaron’s got a hot new ‘do. is it orange? yellow? not sure. aaron’s trying to look sexy for his first lady, natch. i was actually stunned when martha stabbed him... she plays crazy really well. wow.

overall it was a good episode and thank gawd because i am already having heroes withdrawls so 24 is going to have to step it up in the interim.
an actul recap-y recap here

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