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all a ruse.

so based on that last entry i bet you thought i magically got whisked away to austin. haha! duped ya.

anyway, my friend "mason" (name has been changed to protect) never watches any of the videos i post because he's allergic to blargh videos, apparently (he also really really likes to smell things like CDs, and shoes, but hey that's totally normal). anyway, i just made him watch the "lost" one and yeah, what do you know, he thought it was LOL hilarious.

ruby: you have to watch the LOST video i posted
ruby: it's really short
"mason": one sec
"mason": LOL
"mason": yes
"mason": that one was worth it
ruby: i told you! i don't post crap!
ruby: well i do
"mason": hahah
ruby: but WHATEVER

anyway! i found another good one. SO WATCH THIS MASON OR ELSE MORE OF YOUR SECRETS WILL BE EXPOSED. or not. but do you really want to risk it?

from thisjustin:

Not satisfied with scoring big by uniting the violence-loving, tough-guy audience and the tough-guy loving, gay audience, producers of box office champ 300 are attempting to woo a much more finicky fan base... women. See how producers make a play for females by marketing the action flick with a slightly softer and sweeter trailer

so funny it almost made me cry. CLICK HERE if the video doesn't show up.

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