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celeb sightings and such

it was a very hollywood weekend for me, starting out with a premiere party for the wedding bells on friday night and ending with an evening at the hotel cafe last night. i could bore you with all the details, but i'm not that self-absorbed, so i won't. no, really.

anyway, here are the highlights:

1. doing the "photo booth" with missi pyle on friday night (she's HYSTERICAL)
2. meeting christina applegate during a hike saturday afternoon (she's in aaron's acting class, and is very sweet)
3. spotting zachary quinto aka heroes' SYLAR at the bar at hotel cafe sunday evening (SUPER creepy in person as well)

you gotsa love the randomness that is hollywood.


JIM said...

Love love to love love to love love to love love to love...

Liana said...


I can't belive you saw Sylar! I would be scared to look in his direction.

I love Hollywood randomness.

Years ago, I saw Tito Jackson at The Beverly Center shopping for hats.

I saw the lead singer of The Commodores (not Lionel. It was the British guy who took his place) sitting in traffic on Sunset in his convertible corvette with lisence plates that read "NteShft". Talk about self-absorbed. LOL!