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cardinal bloodbath


dear "bracket-o-matic,"

you should be ashamed of yourself. you lured me in with your compelling tales of bracket magic. and I BELIEVED
. i believed in your amazing powers of smart team selection and logical logic stuff. and i even, for a minute, got excited about all this ncaa madness and was even going to watch a game or two so that i could cheer on whatever random teams your highly intelligent bracket mechanism selected for me.

here's the part where my lovely husband interjects and says, well, i wanted to tell you stanford was a bad pick. and so then i say, well, why didn't you? and he replies: uh, because i know better.


it doesn't matter that i picked frosh over senior, cinderella over dynasty, private over state or underdog over favorite.

wait scratch that.


turns out the bracket-o-matic can't help you if you prioritize team qualities like you're a monkey on valium.

but still. I BELIEVED.

anyway, my bracket was busted in the first game on the first day. there should be some sort of "special" prize for being the most retarded, right?

i hate your stupid guts-o-matic,

turnovers for breakfast: louisville's defense eats up stanford early

stupid college basketball. stupid bracketface.


rockinraquel said...

*gives ruby a deflated basketball with a lit candle in it* here ya go! *muah* said...

I'll take one of those deflated basketballs too. Heck, give all of Stanford/Palo Alto deflated basketballs today. We're some deflated people today. :(