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good news/bad news

the good news is: i am no longer emotionally invested in the outcome of big brother 8.

the bad news is: i'm still watching.



s.knights said...

hoooonestly i hated all of the houseguests (minus jen) this year but still the show was damn good...danielle is the worst of the worst and this didnt help her cause:

"Julie Chat. She asks Daniele a father/daughter question and she smirks and smiles and generally pretends nobody found out that they both applied to be on The Amazing Race together and admitted on the feeds this week that they knew each other was going to be in the Big Brother house before they entered." TWoP

Clink said...

I was throwing things at my tv last night, no joke. I felt sick to my stomach, for real.

I wasn't crazy about any of the housemates but I was LEAST crazy about the Dynamic Duo.

The sound of Daniele's voice is like nails on a damn chalkboard.