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there's something on your lip...

i don't know. saturday night started off on a weird note, what with all the CRAZY rain and whatnot, so i guess i should have been prepared for anything. but i have to tell you, there are some things you just cannot prepare yourself for...

L, T & I arrived at the village idiot for dinner around 7:45p, and put our reservation in for what we thought was going to be 8 people. slowly but surely as more and more people began to arrive, we realized that the birthday boy hadn't so much done a head count and we were actually looking to sit, um, 14 people. whoops. it all worked out fine, but it was a little frantic there for a moment and everyone was looking at us pulling together half the dining room tables and i could sense that we were "those" people. obnoxious, that is. of course the instant the birthday boy finally arrived (last, of course) there was a flurry of picture taking and singing, which added to our overall awesome factor. i mean, could we BE any more obnox?

despite the awkward start, everything went great, the food and drinks were AWESOME. how come this is the first time i've ever been there? this place rocks. ROCKS MY FACE OFF.

the next leg of lorenzo's birthday tour was the bar. which i've also never been to, but apparently i'm the only person in los angeles who hasn't. and ps, it was super awesome if you overlook the whole mustache party thing that was going on.

right.. yes, so the point of my "story."

we walked in and situated ourselves at the front of the room to order some much-needed red bull vodkas. we ran into a few random people who were there for another party and they seemed embarrassed to reveal that they knew the proprieters of the "mustache party."

we all looked at each other with puzzled looks and said, "mustache party????" and she said, yeah, you know all those people in the back with 'staches on? if you haven't seen them yet, OH YOU WILL. don't worry.

and immediately i was worried. nothing creeps me out more than 'staches. when we finally made our way to the back of the bar, we were overwhelmed by an assortment of people all rocking 'staches. girls, guys everyone was fair game.

like whoa, it was the weirdest thing i've ever seen. apparently, according to some of my newly 'stach-ed friends, the mustache (or MOUstache, if you will) is experiencing somewhat of a resurrgence in certain parts. one new friend who was visiting from NY informs me that yes, in fact, 'staches are popping up all over in NYC.

who knew.

anyway, what i do know is that i hope this trend dies a fast and fiery death.

mustaches are for the creepy.

4 comments: said...

ICK! The 70's porn 'stache trend is just plain awful.

MD said...

Real mustaches? I thought they were just a bunch of people with fakes!

Mustaches are good, they make it easier to identify the losers and the virgins in the crowd

c-kat said...

mustache party?? Well I guess there is a first for everything.

Pretty Lush said...

I will say, one in every 982, approximately, mustaches are hot.