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whatever, i'm just doing this for you.

Obviously, I didn’t watch EVERY SINGLE season premiere that aired this week. I’m an extremely busy and cultured lady and I don’t have time to sit around and watch TV all the damn day long.

I mean, seriously.

However, somehow, I did manage to watch 7 season premieres and two season finales... so you can do the math about how busy my social calendar was this week.

Shut up.

OK, so here’s my VERY topline summary/report on what I saw.


Big Brother 8: evel dick blahblahblahh eh. B-
Last Comic Standing. Double eh. C+


Prison Break.
SUPER confused, which translates to SUPER intrigued, which translates to GOOD. I give it a B+. This grade will drop considerably if Bellick keeps running around sans pants. Um, vomit.

I can’t say I was able to watch more than 3.3 minutes of this. The word “boring” comes to mind. Sorry dudes. C-

Beauty & The Geek.
It’s been awhile since I almost hurt myself laughing. The first half of the premiere was whatever, lame. But the second half was mostly: brilliance in motion. So great, this show. It will fill the giant void in my tiny heart that Pick-up Artist will leave. And please believe this will be a huge, gaping hole. However, the "surprise gender" twist? LAME in your face.

Gossip Girl.
Yeah, so. I felt naughty watching it, which means it will be relegated to being my guilty pleasure that I tivo in the bedroom only so that I can watch while I “clean my room” on Saturdays after my long training runs. Roughly, in the same category as The Hills, but surprisingly better and the music is ta die fer. A-

American’s Next Top Model.
The first episode is always exposition and blahblahblah screaming over tyra boring more tyra too much exposition blah. So it’s nor really fair to truly grade this, but I will be watching, anyway, because I’m a ANTM whore, despite the fact that I actually loathe tyra’s stupid self-righteous face. B

Kid Nation.
Just when I thought I had enough reasons to keep babies out of my life, here comes another reason. KIDS! Could they BE any more obtuse? Could they BE any more annoying? OK, granted, some are totally adorable and I want to squish their faces off. But let’s be honest. Those are the exception to the rule. I will be definitely be tuning in next week to find out if they kill a chicken or not, because, truly, I am THAT morbid. But I can’t imagine this one will leave a lasting impression on my HIGHLY cultured and refined taste menu. B-

MAYBE I was bitter when it started because I was like OMG why is there ANOTHER mullet-head and no ME*? I could have done this show SO MUCH BETTER than effing CHICKEN or stupid whatever-her-face is. But once I got over myself (I know, right? About time!) I fell in like with: james and aaron and, as always, I do believe I am in it for the long haul. Loves this show. Can’t help mahself. A

Dear Brain Cells,

Come back to me. I’m truly and deeply sorry for drowning you with sweet alcohols and too much soul-draining teevee.

Love you long time,

*if you are a new reader, please review this post to read about my survivor audition experience. obvsly, i didn't make it....


mnbird said...

I watched Prison Break and Gossip Girl. I know I am too old for Gossip Girl, but I love trashy drama. Also, they did use a lot of good music.

Prison Break I also liked, but I agree... Belik needs to put some pants or a shirt on.

Will you be wataching more next week?...other than Private Practice that is.

MD said...

Don't you watch It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (premier last week) on FX or Burn Notice (finale last night)on USA?

c-kat said...

I don't know if I can stomach Prison Break this coming week, if they are all gonna walk around in sloth, starving...and when he said that wasn't chicken...I shudder to think.

Clink said...

Hi, we're clearly soul mates what with all the unapologetic tv-watching.

BB8 finale made me want to HURL. Everywhere.

I'm glad I didn't bother with K-Ville and I lurve GG and ANTM. So excited.