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color of crazy.

there i was! walking the streets of LA in the area of my (least) favorite shopping mall, the beverly center. (remind me to post an entry someday about how much i hate mall riffraff). there's never a shortage of your garden variety homeless people around these parts, since this is a typical touristy area (tourists are SUCKERS). anyway, there are few characters that i'm used to seeing. i am even on a first name basis with a few, because ive selected them as my favorites. i know! how lucky are they? *ahem* anyway, so i was walking down the street, avoiding eye contact with people in general, when suddenly i noticed (coudn't help it) a lovely young lady pushing a cart with her life's contents in it. but that wasn't what caught my eye. actually, first i noticed that she was wearing all black from head to toe. and damnit if it wasn't 95 muther effing degrees today, by the way. but on top of here black ensemble, she was sporting hot pink underwear and a matching lingerie top.

so here's my thing. i mean, the cart is generally enough of a giveaway that you're a crazy homeless person. i feel bad for you, based on this alone. i'm likely to give you some monies based on my mood that day, it doesn't matter what you're wearing. so my question is, HOW NECESSARY IS IT TO WEAR THE UNDERPANTS ON THE OUTSIDE? was there a crazy contest that you wanted to win? are you genuinely confused? is there another reason for doing this that maybe i am just not hip to? did i miss ANOTHER fashion trend??

i mean, im just sayin'....


anon_in_ norcal said...

What!? No accompanying picture?

Mall riffraff! LOLIMH! I hate them as well! I never go to the mall on weekends because that's when you encounter families of mall riffraff or M-F between 1pm and 9pm because that's when you encounter the worst mall riffraff of them all, TEENAGERS!

MD said...

YEAH! Teenagers suck! I don't encounter many homeless out here, we send them to the West Coast where it's warmer.

Like my Dad always says, a woman who wears her underwear on the outside must be a FREAK in da bed!