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i like flat buns too.

pretty sure this carl's jr. ad is regional, which means a lot of you have not had the opportunity to see this baby live and larger than life on your televisions. for this, i am truly sorry. because it is quite simply, a masterpiece.

perhaps! i exaggerate when i say masterpiece. however, i can vouch for it's EFFECTIVENESS because late last night, i heard my lovely husband singing the jingle like there was nothing at all weird about it.

i said, "hey! do you LIKE that commercial??" and he replied, "YES! it's hilarious. FLAT BUNS!" and then i gushed, "oh i'm SO glad you like it! because i love it and i didn't want to say because i didn't want to seem like, you know, lame. but since you like it then that means i can say i like it and, well ...." then we both started singing FLAT BUNS, i like flat buns.... and we lived happily ever after.

or something like that.

so there you have it. way to go carl's jr.!!

if the video doesn't work, CLICK ME FOR FLAT BUNS AWESOMEONESS!!!


MD said...

Wow, thanks for making my life just a little better!

Pretty Lush said...

That commercial makes my day every time. I was in hysterics the first time and every time since.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you said something...I was afraid to admit it in the office considering what we do and all...

But, I bust out singing it often and am sad that not everyone can enjoy it!


Doro said...

i love that commercial. in SF right now at the MOMA, they are showing commercials... show how clever they can be if it is considered to be a modern art, doesn't it?