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theory of relativity.

while watching the hills tonight, i experienced some weird sensations when i watched lauren hanging out with jason. and by "weird" i mean "not irriating." in fact, i rather enjoyed their banter and chemistry for a change.

so then i wondered, is jason more appealing now because he is "trying to be a better person?" OR is he just more tolerable because spencer is SUCH A F*CKING LOSER, that even giant tools come off smelling like roses when in his presence?


put that in your pipe and smoke it.


onebigholiday said...

I think he is more enjoyable because Spencer is a moron. But I do enjoy watching them ( LC and Jason.)

We should poll everyone and find out which one is a bigger tool- Jason or Spencer?

My vote- Spencer

T said...

Is anyone else sort of over the drama? Considering how slow-ish work is, I just reviewed this one.

"Well, I'm going to get these done. So, BYE"


Anyhow I digress, I would take Jason (rehab, fighting, racial slurs included) over Spencer anyday. D-bag alert.

wearingthepants said...

Wow, you're right! Our blogs are very similar. How odd. Yeah, Jason was somehow less annoying last night. Can't wait to see him propose to his gf next week...