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footballs on my brains.

a lot of people have asked me how i feel about randy moss tearing sh*t up over at new england. and by "a lot" of people, i think i mean, um, "two." at any rate, it makes me feel like a proud mama to see mah boy finally proving the mutha effing critcs wrong. because he is, was and always will be: 100% awesome town.

additionally, aaron has his rookie card. therefore, the better he does, the more that baby is worth and, eventually, he plans to retire off of the earnings the aforementioned card will garner him when my moss lands in the hall of fame.

ya hearrrrd?

in other football news, the vikings beat the sad, vick-less falcons, quite convincingly in their season opener. so, let's all breathe a huge purple sigh of relief. and consider this: the absolute worst they can do this year is 1-15. not bad, not bad.

i am not participating in any pools or fantasy leagues this year for the first time in, oh, 10 years. which makes me much less interested in teams without randy moss-es and teams that don't wear purple. but aaron IS participating in two different pools (for i think, the FIRST TIME EVER) for both pro and college ball, so i guess i am going to be "getting interested" in teams that matter nothing to me whether i like it or not.

i'm just happy that we discovered that BIG WANGS has a build-your-own bloody mary bar (for $4!!!!!) on saturdays AND sundays in addition to having 13 thousand screens to watch football on. oh, and they serve BIG MUTHA EFFING WANGS, didja hear?

so i'm sayin', things COULD be worse, is all.


Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness! Another who loves football as much as I do!? Awesome!

And Randy Moss on my Patriots team? We are so lucky!

Anonymous said...

Dude, ah...that ain't randy in that picture. I think that is Doug Gabriel from last year who wore number 85. Moss is number 81 on NE....