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gu! such a funny word.

the last time i attempted to do a 16-mile training run, i failed miserably. the stupid IT band pain started up around mile 11 and i was only woman enough to power through to 14.4 miles before i threw my hands in the air and gave up. it was quite devastating, actually, and i am still a little haunted by it.

since then, ive successfully completed a 12-mile run (alone, i might add, as aaron was doing his play) and a 14-mile run. so i'm feeling apprehensive, but fairly excited, about my upcoming 16-miler this friday.

in addition to a delirious sense of certainty, i also have the following items accompanying my on my big run:

  • (1) husband of hearty fortitude
  • (1) BRAND NEW VIDEO iPOD NANO in silver, natch
  • (1) hot new playlists on above-mentioned nano (courtesy of husband)
  • (1) sexy knee strap to alleviate IT band inflamation
  • (3) different types of energy items (not all will be consumed at once)

so i guess, if nothing else, i am good at buying stuff to make myself feel better about myself.


MD said...

How bout a bike or some rollerblades?

Where you gonna carry all this fancy stuff? You gonna bring back the fannypack?

Good luck!

c-kat said...

Best of luck with the run!

Maddy said...

Next purchase...the nike+ ipod kit.

I use mine with my asics.