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tonight was the closing night performance of aaron's latest theatrical endeavor, "three days of rain." now that i've seen the play 5 times, yes, 5, i feel like i can almost recite the whole thing myself. but yet, you know what? there's no way in hell i could memorize ten minutes of dialogue, much less TWO AND HALF HOURS. i mean, like whoa.

to summarize: aaron was amazing, the play was awesome, it was the best thing i've ever seen him do and i was beaming with pride after every performance. i loved it when people would come up to me afterwards and say, "aaron was so GOOD. you must be so proud." as if i had something to do with it. and since i most certainly did not have anything to do with it, i would respond with "yes, i'm so proud. you know... i taught him everything he knows... " and everyone would laugh heartily and pat me on the back knowingly. yes, yes. ruby is hilarious.

now i'm sitting here watching the pre-emmy red carpet show, and tony shaloub of MONK is chatting away about how this is his 5th nomination for the show and how it never gets old to be there. and he's so cool. and you know what? in this moment? it feels like serendipity, baby.


T said...

Can I come with you when you start picking out award show dresses?!?!?! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

Anonymous said...

Damn, I wished I was able to make it to Aaron's play! Sounds awesome.